Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Send Your Dress to School in Africa

Patrick Demarchelier for Vogue Paris, October 2005

You may have seen the article last month in Vogue that sought to find solutions with what to do with a wedding or bridesmaid dress. They can always be repurposed but they can also be given away. Twice Upon a Dress is an answer. Donate your wedding dress to us. Your spare bridal, bridesmaid or formal dress can simply be mailed to us and we will sell it in Africa, where such luxuries are rare and the profits will go 100% toward education in Africa. Your special day can become a special lifelong difference for a child. We benefit Malawi, Africa with over 1 million orphaned children. Here are some photos by Peter Belvin of a government school in Malawi. If you have a dress to donate, please email us at

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